Here at Honolulu H.O.G. we are all about the ride, as long as we do it safely.  Below is a great list of resources, provided by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF). For a comprehensive list of resources,click here to access the MSF's entire library of resources.

Safety Tips

(You may download and print a personal copy of each.)
 "You and Your Motorcycle: Riding Tips" booklet
 "Motorcycle Operator Manual" booklet, color, hi-res
 "Motorcycle Operator Manual" booklet, black & white, lo-res
 "Motorcycle Industry Council Tire Guide" booklet

Quick Tips Sheets
 "Should You Ride A Motorcycle?" Quick Tips  
 "If You Ride A Motorcycle" Quick Tips
 "T-CLOCS" Pre-Ride Inspection Checklist
 "Ten Things All Car & Truck Drivers Should Know About Motorcycles" Quick Tips
 "Riding With A Passenger" Quick Tips
 "Group Riding" Quick Tips
 "Alcohol Awareness" Quick Tips
 "Preventing Motorcycle Theft" Quick Tips



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