H.O.G.® Rallies

What are National Rallies?
U.S. National H.O.G.® Rallies are where you'll meet fellow members from all over the United States. These rallies typically take place during prime riding season, so you can easily choose an event that suits your schedule or your appetite for adventure.

What are State Rallies?
H.O.G.® state rallies are planned and hosted by local H.O.G.® members under the management of the national H.O.G.® office. Guest policies differ by state. Dates and phone numbers for information and registration are regularly listed in the National H.O.G.® Events calendar.

The Hawaii's State H.O.G. Ralley is scheduled for October 9-11, 2015 in Honolulu. Click here to visit the offical web site.


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